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Spin Column

Spin Column



Spin column product description:

  • Spin Column tubes are used for Nucleic Acid RNA and DNA Extraction.
  • Nucleic acid purification is a solid phase extraction method to quickly purify nucleic acids.
  • This method relies on the fact that nucleic acid will bind to the solid phase of silica under certain conditions.
  • The procedure involves four stages, "Lyses, binding, wash and elute" i.e. lysis of cells, binding of nucleic acid to silica gel membrane, washing the nucleic acid bound to the silica gel membrane and elution of the nucleic acid. During the binding step, binding solution is transferred to a spin column and the column is put in a centrifuge. The centrifuge forces the binding solution through a silica gel membrane that is inside the spin column and collection tube. Nucleic acid will bind to the silica gel membrane inside the spin column


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